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Buy Peruvian Cocaine Online

Buy Peruvian Cocaine online .

All hail… The most rawist of raw! Peruvian Flake

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Last week, police in the English seaside town of Eastbourne warned that they had seized some 100 percent pure cocaine. As in: legitimately pure stuff. Not the “trust me—this shit bangs” pub-grub that’s actually only 10 to 40 percent pure, but the kind of pre-cut powder you’re much more likely to find in a Peruvian jungle lab than a resort town with literally the oldest population in the UK.

VICE published a short news story about the warning last week and got a bunch of responses to the effect of: “Why is pure cocaine a bad thing?” Turns out that plenty of keyboard critics only read the headline, because the article did explain that higher purity means it’s stronger, which means it’s more dangerous. Also turns out that a lot of keyboard critics are idiots because surely you can work that out on your own?

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You’re likely to spend anywhere between $65 and $100 for the standard stamped-on crap Freddy Flake shifts from the driver’s window of his three-door Hyundai. But what about the genuine article?

“There’s a good chance that low-level street dealers will not know the purity of their cocaine, says neuropharmacology psychologist and former government drugs adviser David Nutt. And it may well be sold at the same price as lower quality cocaine.”


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